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Duquesne Light Company - Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Last Review: 2013-06-13
Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program
Eligible Efficiency Technologies: Clothes Washers/Dryers, Dishwasher, Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, Water Heaters, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Furnaces, Heat pumps, Central Air conditioners, Programmable Thermostats, Building Insulation, Motor-ASDs/VSDs, Pool Pumps
Applicable Sectors: Residential
Incentive Amount: Energy Star Dehumidifier: 24
Energy Star Freezer: 10
Energy Star Refrigerator: 24
Energy Star Room A/C: 24
Energy Star Dishwasher with Electric Water Heater: 24
Energy Star Clothes Washer - (Electric Water Heating Only): 24
Electric Clothes Dryer with Moisture Sensor: 24
Swimming Pool Pump, Two-Speed or Variable Speed: 57
Energy Star Television: 14
Smart Strip - Surge Protector: 10
Central A/C (SEER 15 - 21): 95/ton
Heat Pump: 95/ton
Furnace with ECM: 62
Programmable Thermostat: 24
Energy Star Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps: 95
Whole House Fan: 95
Electric Water Heater: 24
Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heater: 286
Lighting: varies by type
Pipe Wrap: 3/kit
Ceiling/Wall Insulation: 0.30/sq. ft.
Occupancy Sensor Based Control: 10
Eligible System Size: See rebate chart for eligible sizes
Equipment Requirements: See program web site for requirements
Website: http://www.duquesnelight.com/wattchoices/default.cfm?tab=1&win=main#RE


Duquesne Light provides rebates to its residential customers for purchasing and installing energy-saving equipment. Eligible equipment includes dehumidifiers, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioning units, ceiling insulation, programmable thermostats, house fans, indoor and outdoor lighting, pipe wrap, insulation, controls, and pool pumps. Customers must purchase and install equipment before applying for rebate. Customers must then fully and accurately complete the rebate form and send it to the address stated on the document. Rebates are paid by debit card, which should be received within 60 days of rebate form submittal. Rebates totaling less than $10.00 will be sent via check. Equipment standards must meet efficiency requirements of program. Call 877-694-2197 for rebate inquiries. Duquesne runs a separate rebate program through another conservation service provider, which offers a $35 rebate to residential customers who properly recycle refrigerators. See Refrigerator Recycling on www.wattchoices.com or call 1-877-270-3521 for more information on this program.

Customer Programs
Duquesne Light Company
411 Seventh Avenue 15-1

Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone:(888) 928-8539 Ext.
Phone 2:()
Web site: http://www.wattchoices.com


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