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Geothermal Tax Credit

Last Review: 2012-09-11
Incentive Type: Personal Tax Credit
Eligible Efficiency Technologies: Geothermal Electric, Geothermal Heat Pumps
Applicable Sectors: Residential
Incentive Amount: 15% (3% per year for five years)
Eligible System Size: Not specified
Expiration Date: 12/31/2014
Website: http://www.nd.gov/tax/taxincentives/income/energycredit.html


North Dakota offers an income tax credit to individuals, estates and trusts for the cost of acquiring and installing a geothermal energy system in a building or on property owned or leased by the taxpayer in North Dakota. For systems installed after December 31, 2008, and before January 1, 2015, the credit is equal to 3% per year for five years of the actual cost of acquisition and installation of the system. Any excess may be used as a credit carryover to each of the 10 succeeding taxable years.

If the taxpayer holds an interest in a pass-through entity (such as a partnership or S-corporation) that installs a geothermal system, the credit is passed through to the taxpayer in proportion to its interest in the entity.

Public Information - State Tax Commissioner
Office of the State Tax Commissioner
State Capitol
600 East Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0599
Phone:(701) 328-2770 Ext.
Phone 2:()
Email: taxinfo@nd.gov
Web site: http://www.nd.gov/tax


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