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NYSEG (Gas) - Commercial and Industrial Efficiency Program

Last Review: 2013-04-30
Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program
Eligible Efficiency Technologies: Furnaces, Boilers, Programmable Thermostats, Custom/Others pending approval
Applicable Sectors: Commercial
Incentive Amount: HVAC: Prescriptive incentives vary
Condensing Boilers: 1000-6000
Hydronic Boilers: 500-4000
Steam Boilers: 200
Furnaces: 100
Programmable Thermostats: 25
Boiler Reset Controls: 150
Eligible System Size: Prescriptive rebates are available to all non-residential customers of the company who pay the systems benefits charge.
Pre-approval is required for prescriptive applications with total rebate value greater than 10,000 and for custom rebates, regardless of size.
Equipment Requirements: Condensing Boilers: 90% Efficiency
Hydronic Boilers: 85% Efficiency
Furnaces: 92% Efficiency
Steam Boilers: 82% Efficiency
Website: http://www.nyseg.com/UsageAndSafety/usingenergywisely/eeps/cirp.html


NYSEG and RG&E offer rebates to non-residential customers installing energy efficiency equipment that pay a natural gas Systems Benefits Charge (SBC). Both prescriptive rebates and custom incentives are available. These rebates are being offered due to the June 2008 New York State Public Service Commission order to meet New York's Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard. The goal is to reduce statewide energy use by 15% by 2015.

Custom incentives are available when energy efficiency improvements require site-specific engineering and cost analysis. Any nonresidential NYSEG or RG&E electricity customer regardless of size is eligible, and customers can select their own contractor to install equipment.

If standard rebate or custom projects meet the eligibility requirements specified on the individual application forms, then participants should submit equipment specification sheets, equipment inventory sheets, building plans and invoices with the application. NYSEG or RG&E may require a pre-installation inspection. After approval of the application, NYSEG or RG&E will authorize payment in 6-8 weeks. Pre-approval is required for all custom applications, and for standard rebate applications of more than $10,000.

C&I Rebate Program
301 Plainfield Road, Suite 150

Syracuse, NY 13212
Phone:(800) 995-9525 Ext.
Phone 2:(888) 316-8023
Email: EnergySavings@lmbps.com
Web site:


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