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Energy Star Homes (New Construction)

Last Review: 2013-02-26
Incentive Type: State Rebate Program
Eligible Efficiency Technologies: Clothes Washers/Dryers, Dishwasher, Refrigerators, Lighting, Central Air conditioners, Duct/Air sealing, Building Insulation, Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building, Custom/Others pending approval, Yes; specific technologies not identified, LED Lighting
Applicable Sectors: Residential
Incentive Amount: Base Tier
HERS Rating/Technical Assistance: Free (750 value)
HERS Certificate: Free
Vermont Residential Building Energy Standards Certificate: Free
Two CEE Tier 2 or Tier 3 Appliances: 200

Higher Tier
Everything above plus Energy Star Home Label, and
HERS Score 60 or less (Homes 3,000 sq ft or less): 75 per HERS point below 60
HERS Score 55 or less (Homes 3,000 sq ft or more): 75 per HERS point below 55
Eligible System Size: Home must be HERS 75 or less to qualify for financial incentives
Expiration Date: 06/30/2013
Website: http://efficiencyvermont.com/for_my_home/ways-to-save-and-rebates/building_buying_new_home/vt_energy_star_homes/rebates.aspx


For individuals building a new home, Efficiency Vermont offers free technical assistance and targeted rebates to help ensure that the home is as energy efficient as possible. The first step is to enroll in the Vermont Energy Star Homes program. After enrollment, Efficiency Vermont will review building plans and go over design to determine estimate energy costs for heating, cooling, hot water, lights and appliances. They will recommend ways to lower those costs and help the homeowner choose proper energy efficient equipment, lights and appliances.

Homeowners may qualify for Base Tier rebates, which provide a $200 rebate for installing two Energy Star appliances, a Home Energy Rating Certificate, and a Vermont Residential Building Energy Standards compliance certificate. In order to receive these incentives, owners must achieve a HERS score of 75 or lower, utilize Energy Star equipment for all major appliances, have Energy Star lighting in at least 50% of fixtures, as well as complete inspections involving air sealing and HVAC inspections.

To qualify for Higher Tier incentives, the home must meet all Basic Tier requirements, pass a more stringent air leakage test, have Energy Star qualified heating equipment that pass duct leakage criteria, earn a HERS score than meets or exceeds the Energy Star HERS target index, and must have Energy Star lighting in at least 80% of fixtures.

Vermont Gas Customers may be eligible for an additional $200 drain water heat recovery rebate; and customers of Washington Electric Cooperative may be eligible for $300 for successful completion of Vermont Energy Star Homes or Energy Code Plus services and an additional $500 for heat and energy recovery ventilation systems. Customers must contact those utilities directly for availability.

*For more information about home energy ratings, visit RESNET.

Public Information Officer
Efficiency Vermont
128 Lakeside Avenue
Suite 104
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone:(888) 921-5990 Ext.
Phone 2:()
Email: info@efficiencyvermont.com
Web site:


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