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What To Watch For When Financing A New HVAC System

There are a few things every homeowner financing a new HVAC system should consider:

  • Lender's reputation. Contractors or HVAC companies don't typically provide the financing themselves. They have relationships with lenders that specialize in consumer financing programs.

    Borrowers should understand who is actually providing the financing before closing the sale.

  • Multiple financing options. Often times, lenders offer a few different options to help borrowers spread payments over time. For example:

         - No-interest if paid in within 12 months

         - Reduced interest rate

    Understand the specific ins and outs of the financing option, how they affect the monthly payment should fit into the borrower's monthly budget.

  • No out-of-pocket cash. Most lenders do not require a down payment to finance a new HVAC system.
  • Generous credit. Regardless of the financing program, it should come with a generous credit line that accommodates the cost of the new unit(s) and installation. A credit line worth only several hundred dollars, for example, won't go far in covering the costs of a new HVAC system.


If you're interested in financing a new, high-efficiency heating or air conditioning system, contact your local HVAC dealer.

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