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HVAC is a system and is only as strong as its weakest link.  To maximize comfort and efficiency you must have the right equipment (the boxes that sit outside and inside your home) and a properly designed and sealed air-distribution system.  In fact, if you have leaky duct work, your system could be up to 40% less efficient and less green.  This is often a cause of the hot and cold spots you might have in your home.

In short, your air conditioner's energy efficiency is determined not only by how high of SEER rating you buy…equally important is how well it’s installed -- see our “Quality Installation ” section



You also have a choice when it comes to the refrigerant that runs through your central air conditioning system. You want equipment that uses the eco-friendly 410A refrigerant for two reasons:

1. because it’s not chlorine based so it will not harm the environment in the same way that R-22 does, and

2. laws the come into effect in 2010 (the Montreal Protocal) will eliminate the use of the old refrigerant R-22, so servicing a system that uses R-22 will be difficult and expensive.


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